Book: While I’m Still Single

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By Frances Gallimore

How can Charlotte still be single? She’s got no idea. Why do guys just dump her? It’s probably because she’s hard of hearing. Who would want to go out with a deafie, after all? It seems that these guys are only out for gorgeous women who actually want to listen to their silly jokes. Charlotte can barely understand them. Or maybe she just falls for the wrong men?

One thing is for sure: Charlotte is done with her love life in Holland. She packs her bags and leaves for London. Together with her gay best friend Adam and two free-spirited single ladies, Charlotte learns how to live life as a happy singleton and, soon enough, is back in the dating game.

The London dating scene turns out to be just as disposable as the Dutch one and seems to give her nothing but hassle: a charming hipster with relationship anxiety, a police officer who suddenly goes missing, a wild pilot with too much personal baggage, and some strong competition on Tinder… NEXT! She spends all of her money and loses what little remains of her self-esteem.

And just like that, Charlotte meets a happy, genuine and playful man who might be just what see needs. Nothing stands between her and love anymore, right?

2023 © Frances Gallimore
First published in Dutch (Zolang ik nog vrijgezel ben) 2022
Translated by Frances Gallimore
Editor: Stuart McNaughton
Final editor: Nik Ferrero
Cover and design: Haags Bureau | Boekenmakers
Cover photo: Thies Bening
ISBN 9789083368405

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3 reviews for Book: While I’m Still Single

  1. Jacqui Traynor

    I read this book cover to cover in one sitting absolutely absorbed by Charlotte’s story. She evokes the spirit of London delightfully as she navigates the precarious and capricious dating scene, whilst slowly coming to terms with her own insecurities, namely her cochlear implant.
    There were laugh out loud moments with fabulous light comedy, interwoven with moments I had to put the book down just to take a breath and exhale my frustration at some of the characters you meet along the way!
    I sincerely look forward to a part two as I want to follow the next part of Charlotte’s story.

  2. Stuart M

    How is Charlotte still single??!! She is everything that guys SHOULD want, but I so relate to the main character’s dating challenges. I am deaf too and really connected with a lot of this book. I just adore the author’s writing style and admired how they’ve captured so much in what it’s like to be different, to actually want to make impression yet to experience rejection again and again. The stories are so pure, so relatable, so comical! I want to know what Charlotte gets up fo next…..will there be a second installment????

  3. Jeanann

    What a little gem of a book!
    I am sad to have finished it and I’m keeping my fingers a crossed for a sequel
    Frances.. you have a gift. I will be honest I normally don’t read a book til the end and it can take me several months. I finished this one in 2 days as it’s such an enjoyable read. I’m deaf myself and a proud CI (cochlear implant) wearer, to read a fiction written by an author with a CI made me feel so normal thinking back to my dates and worrying about my hearing loss. I have no doubt many people with hearing loss will enjoy this wondeful book.

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